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Getting Organized For the New Year!

Organizing and Home CleaningNow that the holidays have come and gone it’s time to get organized. Pick a room – any room! Decide what room you want to start in and get to work.  Once you have settled on the room you want to organize, it’s time to dump your stuff. Most of us are guilty of accumulating too much stuff. In fact, we are a society full of stuff.  Whether it’s clothing, gadgets, furniture, toys etc. We all have accumulated an excess of too much.  Sometimes we don’t even realize how much we have until we try to go through it and organize it. How many times have you come across an article of clothing or a book or movie you bought and said to yourself that you forgot you had this?

It’s best to allot yourself one hour so that you don’t give-up, get bored and just walk away from it. We all tend to procrastinate and say I will get to it later. Giving yourself an hour at a time will break up the task and the monotony of it.

Start by sorting through all the stuff in each room.  Pick up one item at a time, and start dumping. If you come across any items you would like to donate to charity, and then designate a bag for that. Whatever you are going to keep just put to one side of the room.  

Once you have managed to dump everything in that room that you want gone, you can now start to organize and put back the things you have decided to keep. Be careful not to put anything else in this room you do not want because this is how we accumulate unwanted stuff in the first place! You can now celebrate your organizational skills and how in control it will make you feel to have things and your stuff in order.