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An Organized Closet – What a Relief!

This is the time to put your decision making skills to the test. Cleaning out closets requires good decision making and is not for the weak at heart. Why is it so important to make decisions here? This is a time to be brutally honest about what to keep and what to toss.  It’s important to focus on what to “keep” first rather than what you want to “toss”. Be a brutal critic here—if an article of clothing is just so-so, and you will most likely never wear it again, it is wise to toss it for good or donate it.

Try asking yourself these questions:

  1. Do you wear it now or ever?
  2. Do you love it?
  3. Does it still reflect your own personal style?

If the answer is no to 2 or more questions, then toss it. If the answer is yes to all three, then it is safe to keep that article of clothing.   

Now it’s time to clean the closet. You will need a clean and clear space to plan how to re-organize your closet. Start by taking everything out such as clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags, and any closet organizers such as hangers, baskets and shelf dividers.  Now give your closet a good cleaning by dusting and vacuuming floors and wiping down all shelving inside.

You can now begin to re-organize your closet starting with a fresh clean space. Start by packing up your toss pile in big bags and move them out of the way to donate later on. Your keep pile can remain off to the side ready to be sorted. Measure the space you are working with so you can best utilize how to hang new shelving and closet bars for hanging and where to place shoe keepers and organizers.

It’s also a wise idea to have a full length mirror in or near the closet so you can “try on” any clothing. This will help you decide what you are keeping and what goes back in the closet. This is a very important step. Make certain you try it on and like it enough to keep it and wear it before putting it back in your closet!

A good rule of thumb is to organize and sort clothing by colors, starting with whites, then brighter colors and also by seasons, starting with the clothes of the current season towards the front of the closet for easy access.  This way will be easier to maintain and keep organized for the future too.

 Remember: if you get frustrated or confused as to how to best organize and utilize your closet space, it would be best to call on a professional Closet Organizer to come in and do it for you!