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Welcome Spring Cleaning!

Spring CleaningNow that Groundhog Day has come and gone, the ritual of spring cleaning is here. Originally spring cleaning was a necessary ritual from the cold winters of wood burning and kerosene lamps that would leave soot and grime throughout the home. Today, spring cleaning allows us to throw open our windows and let the fresh air in!

Most of us dread spring cleaning and procrastinate as long as possible. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by all that we have to do, or simply do not have the time to tackle such a large project. If we start with a checklist and some enthusiasm, it may not appear so overwhelming:

  1. Set aside 2 weeks for a thorough Spring Cleaning. Working from one end of your house to the other the first week and the garage area and outside for the second week.
  2. Wash windows inside and out. Vacuum drapes and window treatments. Send to cleaners if draperies are too soiled.
  3. Rent Steam Carpet Cleaner. Again, if the carpets are too soiled call a Professional Cleaning Service to clean your carpets.
  4. Move furniture and vacuum underneath it. If upholstery is soiled a Professional Cleaning Service can come in to clean your furniture.
  5. Wash all flooring, baseboards, and molding
  6. Dust All surfaces and ceilings
  7. While cleaning make a list of jobs to be done around the house.  These may be paint touch-ups or household repairs of any kind. Do not get distracted by doing them now or you will never get the cleaning done!
  8. Take an empty laundry basket around with you to pile anything that needs to be sorted later. This will help with odds and ends you come across but don’t want to take the time to put away while cleaning.
  9. Hold a Garage Sale. After cleaning the house inside and out put aside any items you no longer want or have use for. A garage sale is the perfect solution to get rid of “things”.
  10. Clean up the yard and trim bushes and trees.  Also a good time to buy some mulch and clean up the garden.

If you find yourself too overwhelmed, you can call on a Professional Cleaning Service to do all or some of the work for you.  Spring Cleaning does take some hard work and organizational skills, but we will be rewarded with a home that is clean, efficient and happy place to live!