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Spring is in the Air – Freshen up your Environment

Cleaning ServiceA new spring season invites changes to your home with fresh spring decorating. Changing up your decorating will brighten up your environment and lift your spirits. Spring calls for delicate colors, fresh floral and soft fabrics. Decorating your home can coincide with your spring cleaning. This is the perfect time of year to decorate because you are in the process of spring cleaning your home, reorganizing it and hopefully getting rid of some of the clutter. Starting with a fresh clean living area, you can imagine the possibilities!

Here are some good decorating ideas:

  • Paint the walls and trim freshen up your rooms with a new coat of paint introducing colors from the outdoors such as blues or greens or neutral colors bringing “mother nature” indoors.
  • Add color and patternsan easy, inexpensive way to give a room a new look is to add a punch of color with some colorful patterned pillows and throws to the furniture. Also, hanging some sheer draperies or blinds to the windows will make the rooms appear light and airy.
  • Have the floors and carpets cleaned – a clean floor is a good base for a well decorated room. Schedule a professional cleaning for your hardwood and tile floors and have your carpets professionally steam cleaned. This will freshen up the room and also adding some new area rugs with spring colors will give the rooms a new look.
  • New comforters, duvet covers and pillows for the bedroom – a quick way to decorate and freshen up your bedroom is to add a new comforter or duvet cover in an easy neutral color or a fresh floral and include some complimenting pillows for a nice touch.

Remember to schedule your spring cleaning first with your professional cleaning company. They will come in, reorganize and de-clutter your rooms for you. Starting with a clean spacious living area will allow you to add to your existing décor or start over with new exciting ideas. To schedule a cleaning please visit our website: