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Green Cleaning Tips for Home & Office

House and office cleaningCleaning products can be found just about everywhere in our homes and offices: on furniture, clothing, floors, windows, doors, basically every surface we come in contact with.  Waging a war on dirt and germs may actually be making things worse instead of cleaner! Most conventional cleaning products we use every day contain petroleum base substances that may be harmful to our health and our environment. Cleaning products are meant to kill off germs but don’t necessarily have to be made from strong toxic ingredients. There are many options for using natural products and cleaning methods available to us.

Four green cleaning tips:

  • Start using green cleaning products – because we are starting to realize the impact conventional cleaning products have on our health and the environment, more and more brands are now offering healthy and effective green cleaning products. To make your own: vinegar and baking soda mixed with water can also be used to clean almost anything.
  • Improve indoor air quality– keeping the windows open and airing out your rooms is a way to freshen up the air and remove any indoor toxins present, leaving the air you breathe healthier. This is especially important while you are cleaning your home or office.
  • Don’t overuse antibacterial cleaners –antibacterial cleaners and overuse of them don’t necessarily make things any cleaner but do run the risk of breeding “super germs” bacteria that can survive most cleaners. It has been proven that antibacterial soaps do not work any better than plain soap and water.
  • Employ a green cleaning service-hire a cleaning service that uses only green cleaning products and practices green cleaning methods to keep your home naturally clean and healthy.

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