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A Sparkling Festive Season – A Holiday Checklist

Home cleaning for the holidaysThe season of autumn blows in with colder weather, colorful leaves and the holidays! With Thanksgiving just weeks away, you can get a head start on your cleaning and decorating now, so that you are not so overwhelmed and stressed when the holidays do arrive. This is the busiest time of year with many things to get done in preparation for the holidays. Starting now will allow you to organize and clean your home at your own pace so you are not rushing at the last minute trying to finish the cleaning, decorating, shopping and cooking. Being organized and prepared will allow you to relax and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.

Four points for your checklist:  

  • Prioritize your cleaning – start with the most important rooms that will be getting the most use like the kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom and powder rooms. Your family and guests will be using these rooms the most. Setting out your china and polishing the silver ahead of time for your holiday meals. Getting the bedroom and bath tidy for any guests that will be visiting.
  • Clearing your closets- start now with clearing out your closets to make room for visitors and at the same time you can donate any unused or old items that you no longer use. Organize the remaining items with new shelving to make room for any new items and gifts you will receive during the holiday season.
  • Stocking your pantry-get your grocery shopping done early with items to stock in your pantry so you will be prepared to feed guests popping in to visit! Stock up baking supplies to start your holiday baking early.
  • Decorating early- after your cleaning is done you can now get a head start on decorating your home. Starting early will make your home more festive looking and get everyone in the holiday mood and there will be less to do later on. You can start decorating with candles, festive lighting, garland and wreaths throughout your home.

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