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Organizing your Home for The Holidays – Less Stress More Fun!

House and home cleaningWinter is right around the corner and the holiday season is upon us whether you are ready or not! Most people tend to feel overwhelmed when this time of year hits with much to do and little time to do it.  Along with the shopping, decorating, cooking, baking and visiting friends and family, we have our regular schedules with work and family. Since the first step is admitting to yourself that you just can’t do it all and may even need to ask for help and for people to “pitch in” and share some responsibilities around the home. Once you have accepted this fact, you can start to relax and get done what you can. The best way around this is to prioritize your life and the things you want to accomplish during this time of year.  

Three helpful points:

1. Quality not quantity– if shopping for gifts becomes too stressful, consider making your own gifts—everyone appreciates hand-made items such as ornaments, flower wreaths, candles etc. Or consider buying less this year. Maybe spend a little more on one item and cut back on quantity. Try to personalize the item thinking of the person’s interests, likes and hobbies. You will probably end up spending less money when concentrating on one gift at a time.

2.      Budget time and money- budgeting your time is as important as budgeting your money. Your time is equally as valuable to your family and friends and giving of yourself and your time is something they will remember. Spending quality time with friends and family will make meaningful memories. 

3.      Get yourself organized- getting your house in order and organizing the rooms you will be using during the holiday season such as the kitchen, bath and bedrooms. Tackle the clutter on your kitchen countertops to make space for cooking and baking. Clean out junk drawers and organize your wrapping materials. Decorate the dining room and setting out china and silverware for holiday meals. Getting bedrooms and bath cleaned and ready for visiting guests.

 Remember to start right away with your cleaning and organizing and always ask for help when necessary. This will ensure a less stress-more fun holiday!

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