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Going Green in your Home Office – Good Tips for the Environment

home house office cleaningIf you have a home office that you use when working at home, or if you use an office full-time for a home business, it is important for the environment to be more eco-friendly. No matter how small or large your home office, there are ways to make it friendlier to the environment.

Going green does not have to be as difficult as some people might think and can also save you money down the road. Your home office can use up more energy and resources than anywhere in your home simply because of the office equipment used such as computers, printers, copiers, fax machines and any other machines using up electricity and other resources.

Three tips for going green:

  1. Save on resources – be conscious of how you use your office equipment, turning it off, unplugging it or making use of screen savers whenever possible to conserve energy.
  2. Recycle bin- keeping a bin next to your desk for recycling will remind you to recycle anything such as batteries and printer cartridges versus throwing them away. This will help separate the trash from the recycling items.
  3. Reduce your printing-being aware of how much you print and start to cut back unless it’s absolutely necessary. This will reduce waste and save on energy and printer ink. This will be more cost effective with paper and printer cartridges lasting longer.

Start today using eco-friendly habits around your home will help make it a cleaner environment for you and your family and will also impact the future environment. It can be very important becoming aware of how much energy you are using during your work hours in your home office.

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