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The month of August – Preparing your home for back to school!

The countdown begins every August with many things to do around the home before the school year starts up again. Families everywhere are preparing for back to school time. If last year with hectic with getting the kids ready and gathering up school items, consider making a checklist of things to do before school starts. This will help you feel more organized and ready for the busy year ahead.

Four tips to prepare ahead:

  1. Purchasing back to school items – preparing a list of school supplies is a good idea before setting out to purchase them. Once you arrive at the store you can refer to your checklist of supplies so you know exactly what you need without purchasing extra supplies and spending more money than necessary. It is wise to get the supplies well ahead of time so you are not rushing out last minute when the items may be sold out.
  2. Cleaning out closets and drawers – this may be the best time of year to clean out your storage items such as closets, drawers and bins giving away clothing, shoes and outerwear that is no longer worn. Typically with the back to school shopping for new clothing, shoes and school items, you will need more storage. Starting with a fresh clear space will help keep things organized.
  3. Create a study area – creating a dedicated study area in your home for the kids to use is a great idea. Their own space can help instill good study habits and get them off to a good start. Whether it’s cleaning out a corner of their room and moving a desk and chair there with a lamp or making a study elsewhere in the home, they will have a quiet place to retreat to.
  4. Hire a cleaning service – hiring a cleaning service will keep your household fresh and clean while keeping things organized for you as you get ready for the busy school and work time ahead.

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