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Give Your Kitchen Some TLC

Residential Kitchen Cleaning

No matter how clean you keep your house or how hard you try to stay on top of keeping things neat and organized, there are always those little things that build up and need some special attention every once in a while – especially in the kitchen.

Here’s a rundown of some simple steps you can take, whenever needed, to give your kitchen a little TLC:

Toaster Oven
The toaster oven is one of the most versatile appliances in the kitchen. To give your toaster oven a thorough cleaning, start with the crumbs. Remove the crumb tray, and dump any crumbs out of the toaster oven and into the trash. Next remove any cooking racks and clean either by soaking in soapy water until baked-on food is easy to remove. Finally, clean the oven itself with your preferred all-purpose cleaner, paying special attention to the glass.

Kitchen Sink
The kitchen sink is something that may need special attention more often than anything else. You can clean any spots or grime in your sink with an all-purpose cleanser. To sanitize your sink, fill it with warm water, and add a tablespoon of bleach. Let that sit for about ten minutes, and then rinse it all out.

Garbage Disposal
If you have a garbage disposal, there is an easy way to both keep it running smoothly and smelling nice. Cut a few lemons into thin wedges, place them in a Ziploc bag, and then freeze the wedges. Any time your disposal needs a little freshening, simply put a few frozen lemon wedges down the drain and turn on the disposal for about ten seconds. Then turn on the water with the disposal still running for another few seconds, and viola – you have a clean and fresh garbage disposal. Save the rest of the wedges in the freezer for next time.

The most important thing you can do for your refrigerator is to go through its contents regularly, throwing out any old or expired food. Aside from that, give the trays and drawers a quick wipe-down or scrubbing as needed.

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s a good time to make sure your kitchen is ready for anything. Even if you’re not cooking any big meals at your home, cleaning out your fridge will ensure that you’re ready to receive leftovers and sweets at any moment!

Improving Air Quality: How To Avoid Allergies

Little is more gorgeous than a Maryland spring. Our zone supports lovely foliage and plant life, beautiful sunlight streams in regularly, and all of our favorite nature companions come out to play. Unfortunately, not all of spring can be roses and buttercups. You know the thorn we’re talking about, right?

The itchy, sneezy nuisance called allergies also makes an appearance in our favorite season, as well. Fortunately for you, Home Services Enterprises knows a thing or two about keeping the worst of mother nature at bay!

Reducing Allergens In Your Home: A Brief Manual

The air quality of your home is dependent of a number of factors; most of which can easily be controlled by taking the right steps:

  • Adequate humidity levels.When you hear the word humidity, it conjures up an unpleasant, sticky and hot feeling, right? Well, that’s not entirely the case, actually. Humidity in the home (specifically, relative humidity) plays a vital role in keeping both you and your home healthy. Experts state that you want to keep your home at between 30 and 50 percent relative humidity to reduce allergies, improve air quality, and preserve furniture. To do this, look into adding a whole home humidifier. You might look into a dehumidifier for balance, but usually air conditioners and furnaces serve this function just fine.
  • Order in for a duct cleaning.The ductwork in your home is a hotbed for nasty dust, debris, pollen and pet dander. Have it professionally cleaned annually or biannually, and you’ll soon be breathing much, much easier.
  • Dust and vacuum regularly.Particularly in the spring (and fall) months, be sure to go about these chores weekly to reduce buildup and keep your symptoms at a minimum.
  • Avoid harmful chemicals.Many commercial cleaners do just fine at killing bacteria, but they can be killer on your sinuses as well. Pursue the use of organic cleaners or other alternatives to keep this particular culprit to a minimum.
  • Order a carpet cleaning.Much like your ducts, carpets and rugs are a breeding ground for all of our worst allergens. Dander, dust and even mites can practically add a second layer to your fabrics. Have them professionally cleaned!

Superior Cleaning Services In Maryland With Home Services Enterprise

Need some assistance getting your home ready for the spring months? Our Rockville experts can bring you the professional touch your home craves!


Start the New Year off Right – Getting Organized!

Now that the New Year is upon us it’s time to get organized. Start by picking a room – any room! Decide which room in your home you would like to start in and get to work. Once you have settled on the room you want to organize, it’s time to clear out all your stuff.

Most of us are guilty of acquiring too much stuff. We are a society of stuff. We all have an excess of too much whether it’s clothing, gadgets, furniture, toys etc. Sometimes we may not even realize how much we have until we start to go through it and organize it. How many times have you come across an article of clothing, a book or movie and forgot you had this?

Allow yourself small increments of time to work on a room so you don’t get overwhelmed, bored or walk away. Giving yourself an hour at a time will break up the task and help with the monotony. You would be surprised how much you can accomplish an hour a day once you set your mind to it.

Start by sorting through all the things in each room picking one item at a time, and start dumping. If you come across any items you would like to donate, now is the time to do it. Designate a bag to give away and whatever you decide to keep, just put aside to another part of the room.

Once you have managed to go through and dump what you want gone, you can now start organizing and putting things back where you want them. You will have less clutter to deal with and more room to keep things clean and organized. Be careful not to put anything else in this room you do not want because this is how we accumulate unwanted stuff in the first place!

Home Services Enterprise can help with all your cleaning and organizing needs. Call today to schedule a cleaning: 301-674-9564.

The Holiday Countdown – A festive home for the holidays!

Do you find yourself festive or frazzled during the holiday season? The answer for most may be a little of both. Decorating your home with everything else on your list may be overwhelming but it helps combat the holiday blues and get you into the holiday spirit!

Along with planning, decorating, baking and shopping for gifts, we also have the added burden of cleaning, organizing and decorating our homes in preparation for the holidays. Staying organized and cleaning up each day will help keep you on top of your household chores. It will also make decorating simpler in a tidier home once the clutter is manageable.

Look around your house and tackle the areas that need the most attention while de-cluttering and making room for your holiday decorations. Now is the time to throw out or give away to the needy what you no longer have use for. What better time of year to help out the less fortunate than the holiday season.

Once your rooms are clean and tidy, now comes the fun part – decorating your home! The idea is to have fun and express your own style. Decorate the outside of your home with a festive wreath for your front door and some holiday lighting. Once inside make your entryway warm and inviting for your guests with some fresh greenery and holiday decorations.  Freshen up your dining area by organizing with festive dishes, utensils and linens that are ready for use while entertaining. Light some scented candles of pine and holly adding warmth and holiday cheer to your home.

Call Home Services Enterprises today to assist you with all your organizing and cleaning needs 301 674-9564.

Make a List – Prepare for the Holidays!

The holidays will be here soon enough and the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning your home in preparation for decorating, holiday dinners, family visiting and guests dropping by. That’s why it is a good idea to get a head start on the cleaning and organizing around the house now. There is much to be done with shopping, baking, and cooking meals during the holiday season. If your surroundings are clean, uncluttered and organized, it will be less stressful and more enjoyable for you and your family.

Making a simple checklist to follow will be helpful :

  1. Start early – begin cleaning early so you can separate your duties into smaller more manageable tasks. This will leave more time for longer projects such as shopping wrapping presents, cooking, baking and visiting.
  2. Make lists – no one can remember everything! Make lists for tasks and chores around the house or errands to be run. This will keep you on track with your schedule and avoid any last minute rushing around.
  3. Divide cleaning – set aside a fixed time each day to tackle a room or area to clean, like right after your morning coffee or after dinner. You will be surprised how much you can check off your list in under an hour.
  4. Simplify – instead of cleaning around the clutter or moving it around-throw it out instead! This is a good opportunity to declutter your rooms and donate to the needy especially during the holiday season.
  5. Spot cleaning – take shortcuts when cleaning certain areas when you don’t have a large block of time to do a thorough cleaning. This will tide you over till you can get to it again.
  6. Enlist help – dividing the chores around the house gets the entire family involved and cuts the cleaning time in half. Set aside a specific time each week, like a Saturday morning when everyone is available to help tidy up the house.

Home Services Enterprise can assist with all your cleaning and organizing needs for the upcoming holiday season. Call us today: 301-674-9564.

Celebrate October with Bath & Kitchen Month – Quick tips for keeping your rooms sanitary

The busiest time of year is fast approaching and now is time to get a head start on the two rooms that get the most traffic and use in your home. With the holidays around the corner you will want to start sprucing up your kitchen which is the “heart” of every home.  It is the gathering place where families connect and catch-up with each other enjoying good food and good company. Bathrooms are the “soul” of the home where we go to freshen up and groom ourselves getting ready for the day ahead.

Quick tips for sprucing up your kitchen:

  • A fresh coat of paint on walls and baseboards will make your kitchen look like new again
  • Purchase new throw rugs give your flooring a new look
  • Clear and wipe down drawers and cabinets with cleaner
  • Wipe down countertop appliances restoring shine
  • Clean out and wipe down shelving in refrigerator
  • Pull out your refrigerator and clean behind it
  • Set your oven for a good cleaning
  • Run your dishwasher with vinegar to freshen up any lingering odors
  • Throw out old food and cans in pantry

Quick sanitizing tips for your Bath:

  • Freshen up the walls with a new coat of paint
  • Clear out drawers and replace with fresh liners
  • Wipe down countertops and counters restoring shine
  • Clean tile with good mildew cleaner to remove stains
  • Purchase new throw rugs for flooring
  • Freshen up shower with a new shower curtain
  • Throw out old hygiene ad beauty products

These quick tips will sanitize and freshen up your home just in time for the busy holiday season ahead. You will be ready for family and friends knowing your home is clean and organized!  

Call Home Services Enterprise today to schedule a cleaning: 301-674-9564

Getting Ready for Summer Travels

Are you and your family getting ready to head out on a vacation or road trip? Preparing your home for summer vacation is no easy task when there are so many things to consider. Here are some things you can do ahead of time to prepare for a happy homecoming when you return.

Tidying and organizing your home before you leave can be one less thing to take care of upon your return. The last thing you want to have happen is to return to a messy home with things out of order. It is a good idea to pick up the clutter throughout your home and straighten up each room. Freshen up the bathrooms and wash any clothing sitting in the hampers.

It is also a good idea to clean out your cabinets and fridge of any leftover food and throw out fruits and vegetables that will not keep. Be certain to empty out all the trash cans throughout the home to avoid lingering odors.

Making arrangements ahead of time for pet sitters or house sitters may well be worth the peace of mind knowing someone will be there keeping an eye out on your vacant home and taking care of your pets. Be certain to leave the number for the veterinarian just in case of emergency. They can also collect your mail, set out your trash and turn on any lights for you during the night hours.

Check on your bill due dates and pay anything that is coming due. Don’t forget to arrange for a stop delivery on mail or newspapers if you do not have a house sitter. Be certain to alert a neighbor that you will be away for a certain amount of time so they can keep a watch out for your home.

Home Services Corporation can come in and spiffy up your home while you are away so things will be fresh and clean upon your arrival! Contact us at 301-674-9564.

How to De-Clutter your Life – Where to Begin

House Home CleaningGlorious spring with the March winds breezing in to refresh and renew us. Refreshing our lives can be as simple as spring cleaning our homes and throwing out some unwanted things that add clutter to our environment. Why is de-cluttering your life so important? When we are bogged down with too many “things”, we may start to feel like we are losing control of our environment.  A good de-cluttering will make you feel accomplished because it will open up your living space. This in turn makes you feel as if your environment is clean and free of junk. The easiest way to get rid of clutter is to just give it away!  For most people starting in either the bedroom or kitchen is a good starting point, and after you have accomplished that, you can move to different areas in your home:

  • Bedroom – Changing seasons, changing clothes. Go through your closets, try on any clothes you haven’t worn lately and give it away. This includes clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories. With a clearer space you can now clean and organize your closets.
  • Kitchen – Start with your refrigerator, clear and throw out any old or dated food items. Wash shelving and drawers with warm soapy water to clean.
  • Pantry – Clear out the pantry and go through all food items for expiration dates and throw out. Any other food items that you will not use, donate to a soup kitchen or local shelter.
  • Basement – Basements can accumulate the most clutter simply because of the storage space. If you don’t know what to do with a particular item, usually it gets stored in the basement! Go through these items and hold an estate sale or give away anything you won’t be using and takes up space.
  • Garage – Garages can also be a place of accumulating “things”. Sort through these items and either throw them out or donate anything you will not be using in the near future.

Starting with a couple rooms will make a big difference and open up your living space. Your house will feel airier and the breezes of spring will sweep through and freshen up your home.

Home Services Enterprise” – “Why A Clean Work Space? ”  Village Connector 7/17/11

Trouble concentrating? Not as productive as you want to be? Home Services Enterprise recommends taking a look at your desk. Employees  who keep their office desk and work space tidy and organized and who work in a clean environment are much more efficient than those who are surrounded by clutter and an unclean environment.

Home Services Enterprise specializes in both residential and commercial maid services. We provide services for professional cleaning that our Metro area residential and commercial building owners can trust and depend on. Whether it’s a one time service for getting your home or office back in order, or regularly scheduled weekly maid services. We at Home Services Enterprise can work around your busy schedule and handle all your office cleaning needs!

It has been proven that cluttering our lives is a mechanism we use to distract our brain by encouraging procrastination. The brain requires a clean healthy environment to be able to tackle the abundant tasks that fill your day.  Home Services Enterprise believes that when you focus on how accomplished you will feel when you are able to be 100% productive and efficient in a clean well organized environment and are worthy of a raise or promotion!

It is a grim reality that most offices are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. When people are grouped together, often in close proximity, germs are easily spread and bacteria can readily grow. There are many possibilities for germs and bacteria to be transferred and spread  across the office environment. Whether it’s an unclean office area, desktops, keyboards and telephones not regularly cleaned, trash overflowing from wastebaskets, unvacuumed carpets and unsanitary restrooms. We at Home Services Enterprise believe that all these factors contribute to an unclean and unhealthy work environment that business owners must address in order to avoid staff becoming ill and unfit for work  both mentally and physically.

Businesses that value and take pride in a clean hygienic office environment contract professionals like Home Services Enterprise to do their cleaning and maintain their premises to the highest of standards. We are locally owned and operated business that understands the importance of our reputation built on our client’s satisfaction. Our maid services create a fresh, tranquil and calming environment within even the most hectic of office spaces.  We can restore order and cleanliness to any office area!

Our Commercial cleaning services include:

  • Dusting surface areas
  • Under surfaces of furniture and baseboards
  • Window cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Clutter elimination
  • Hand washing hard surface flooring
  • Sanitary bathroom practices

Call Home Services Enterprise today for all your office cleaning needs at (301) 774-0270. We service the Metropolitan area including DC, Rockville, Bethesda, Gaithersburg and surrounding areas.