Quick Tips to Sanitize the Kitchen & Bathroom

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October is National Kitchen and Bath Month. And with the holiday season fast approaching in the Rockville area, there’s never been a better time to get a head start on the two rooms that get the most wear and tear in our homes. The kitchen is the “heart” of every home; the gathering place where family eats, connects, and catches up with each other. The bathroom may not be the heart of the home, but there’s no denying its importance… it’s the place where we freshen up, groom ourselves, and get ready for the day!

 Some quick tips to sanitize the kitchen:

  • Wipe down all countertops and appliances
  • Clear and wipe out all drawers and cabinets
  • Defrost and wipe out the freezer
  • Pull the refrigerator out and clean behind it
  • Clean the stove and under the range
  • Run the dishwasher with vinegar
  • Run the garbage disposal with baking soda and some frozen diced lemon cubes
  • Throw out any old food in the pantry, fridge, or freezer

 Some sanitizing tips for the bathroom:

  • Clear out all drawers and replace any liners
  • Wipe down all countertops and the sink
  • Clean all tile and inspect seals, caulk, and grout
  • Clean the tub and the toilet
  • Wipe down the shower doors and clean shower
  • Replace the shower curtain
  • Disinfect and update any First-Aid Kits
  • Throw out old and expired hygiene and beauty products

These quick tips will sanitize and freshen up your home in no time. If you simply do not have the time in your schedule to sanitize your home, Home Services Enterprise can whisk in and freshen things up for you.  You and your family will be ready to entertain holiday guests in no time!

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